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Date/Time Category(ies)
01/05/2012 - 22/05/2012
Map Unavailable

Avatar of dcastell

Inner LandScape
Daniel Castellanos

I intend take advantage of this time principally working with materials found on site (Not limited to Arte Studio Ginestrelle, but objects found nearby or on the amplified landscape) and with the community in order to create an installation. I have worked doing video-installations and one of my areas of research involves poverty as part of human condition.

To contextualize this work with Italian culture I would make reference to Arte Povera, Francesco d\\\’Assisi, religious, popular and spiritual images. What I want to achieve on this residency by gathering sociocultural and natural dermis is to capture and process matter in order to experiment art as spirituality.

The main purpose of developing this new landscape is to blur out the subject (artist) from the stereotype of himself, and to point out from his presence/absence symbolic elements found on nature. To create this subject I would encourage the community to help me out with the project by gathering information, materials and I would listen to what they got to tell me in order to build this site-specific Inner Landscape.