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Elastic Space of Energy Relations

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\”Elastic Space of Energy Relations\” is a tribute to the famous installation \”Elastic Space\” by Gianni Colombo, Group T; a tribute that is already in the name of the authors, ELASTIC Group of Artistic Research, Italian-Spanish group internationally famous in the field of Public Art Videos (site-specific architectural video structures on historical and contemporary sites) authors of Moving Layers: Contextual video in Art and Architecture (Edilstampa, series \”The IT Revolution in Architecture\”, 2006). ELASTIC Group is author of media environmental video installations of great emotional impact that reflect on the physical and conceptual elasticity of videosurfaces, whether architecture or virtual grids of the sphere of the network. Their most recent project of Public Art is \”Elastic Space of Elastic Energy Relations\”, a metaphor of global connectivity, the relational space of the infosphere, an environment-tissue that surrounds the architecture by creating tensions surface but also in the depth. The viewer becomes part of the work so induced, as the architecture becomes a space that draws a relational and dynamic mapping of flows of the world interconnection network. The installation shows the spider web of wires and make us reflect on how we perceive static architecture space turning into an explosion of energy.