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My procedure is somewhat philosophical, if this term can be used to mean the pursuit of knowledge, of getting to know oneself and the world. My videos refer to art history, to classic genres of landscape and still life, a sense of cyclical inevitability of life prevails.
My videos since 2002 have consisted of short visual metaphors, brief reflections of thought which the image is the interpreter of. For some years the still life built in studio is linked to the ancient painting. This genre was used to better express the concept of Vanitas. So in my video still lifes the genre revive through the time factor and the movement which intensify this same concept expressing uncertainty, uneasiness due to precarity and continuing evolution of change conflicting the illusory aspiration to the status quo.

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Cristina Pavesi was born in Milan, Italy where she lives and works.
She completed artistic studies graduating at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan, and achieving several art specializations. Since 1992 she has showed her works in one man exhibitions and group exhibitions. Since 2002 she has been making very short videos that have been projected in national and international spaces and art galleries.

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Video, Installation, Photography, Painting, Sculpture

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Nature, art, people, places…

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