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beijing China

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beijing China


I am a Chinese Contemporary Painter and Graphic Designer and Formative Art Education Teacher for children ….
I come from the beautiful northwest border of China, Urumuchi, XinJiang. When I was a little girl I enjoyed the beautiful landscape of my hometown, the quiet footpath covered with soft grass, the carefree sheep, the high snowy mountains in the clear blue sky, the life in the city, wonderful music, the flamboyant and unique clothing of the different cultures that lived in the city. This all inspired my interest and love for art, and gave me a great passion to express my deep love of life, which little by little became my constant pursuit.

While walking the path of life I discovered the link between flying leaves and emotions, the way to see the stars through a sandstorm, and that the oposite of love is not hate but contempt.

Love, sex, peace, oppression, free-doom, substance, spirit, Lily, solitude, dry, intensive heat, nervous, pressure, stupidity, in god we trust, imagination. What words cannot express can be expressed without them. If my art has the power to transmit my love of life and gives you the power to understand yourself then we have been united by something more than colors and shapes, through the channels of sincere emotions.

Art comes from life but is higher than life.
2012/02/25 in Madrid Spain

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Artist, Designer

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painter/ art teacher

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