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Mas vale sumar is an open artistic group.We like to explore secondary roads, away from the hyghwayエs lineality and speed, wich usually neutralises and reduces our perceptions of the multiple dimensions and diversity of nature and humans.We do think that this kind of vecteur like travelling trough life also hinders others human capacities such as the way we express or do not express certain emotions, the way we treat the different human dimensions than the material one, and our encounter with creativity, wether our own creativity or others creativity

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I ´m of the spoutnik (1955)generation and in my country (Spain), the political “transition ” caught me at the end of my adolescence and as many others I was marked by it.
I ´m interested on visual arts, and I paint since my youth
I ´ve have had painting exhibitions in Vich, Madrid, Tanger, Rabat. Casablanca, San sebastian, Cuenca. .After 8 years in Morocco (Tanger ) where I had one of the ten Absolumment Artistes awards of Absolut Vodka in 2000, I live now in Cuenca where I work as a french teacher in a secondary school and were there is a strong tradition of modern and abstract painting. Lately I´ve participated in :”Disparos en blanco Femenistaldia” San Sebastián .2009 with : Marina Nuñez, Itziar Oscariz, Dora Salazar, Kontxa Elorza, Izaskun Alvarez Gainza, Paula Valero, Anamari Matajari, Susana Talayero, Ainoa Güemes.
and at : Laptoprus organised by Shou Lea Cheang and Maite Cajaraville as( VJ M+M ). Matadero.Madrid 2010. june 2010
.Recently 2010 we created the group Mas vale sumar and the scream of the butterfly our first work as a group it had been shown at :
AT the sonic landscapes workshop . “Taller de paisaje sonoro : paisaje y pensamiento” Cuenca. Mayo 2009.
and at : “Festival Internacional de la Creación, Innovación y Cultura Digital “Tenerife Canary islands.November 2010. .
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Recent exhibitions
Disparos sobre blanco
Arteleku Femenistaldia 2009
Comisaria Ainhoa Güemes
Awards Absolumment artiste Absolut Vodka Prize Morroco 1999

Mediums of interest

Video, Painting, Drawing

Other mediums of interest

Litterature, poetry, , , phylosophy, antropology, feminism, gender sociology


Hre I speak on my own acoount as a plastic artist the for musical influences of the othe members of más vale sumar see the links I´ve given
Goya, Shitao, Russian avant.garde, , American espressionim and lately Basquiat, Vergé, , 80´s Spanish comics, Luis Gordillo y la nueva figuración española especially Ferran García Sevilla and conemporary painerts from Cuenca or having stayed here for some while .Bonifacio, , Julán Pacheco, Adrán Moya, Javier Turrado.
In video art :
The poetry of Tartovsky and Bill Viola. The imagination and social awarness of Jakub Nepras, The technological finesse and creativity of Takeshi Murata.and Alba García Corral. The subtelty of Eugenia Balcells.

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