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Currently developing artistic projects in the disciplines of VideoArt, VideoPerformance and VideoInstallation. I sometimes work around the MetaPhotography. The concept of my work turns around my relations with the time and the water. Is media art ecologies, with an aesthetic mixture of cybernetic and retro-style. I’m a emergent artist who thinks about hydric bodies. I also work in an animation production studio.

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Artist, Author, Filmmaker, Researcher, Curator, Producer

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Montserrat Rodríguez is nyx10110. Multimedia artist. I was born in Barcelona but I am installed in Girona. I studied Geography (UB) and Multimedia (UOC). I worked in the field of web design and animation. My training in the field of contemporary art is recent and mostly autodidact … supplemented with courses and workshops in the field of video and interactive art.


My work Fragmentos de observación (2011, 3’) [Link: is screening in the program ‘Video happenings’ of the Streaming Festival in its sixth edition:

Some of my works can be seen in VISIONS OF ART – GALLERY in Berlin: is a selection of my best works done during the online courses for training artists in Contemporary Art at VoA.

My work Un baño de mar (2011, 40”) was projected on 06.03.2012 in the monthly sample video creation VideoBites 04 – “Moments” organized by Elmur Net and AAA. in Berlin-Mitte. Is also exhibited on its website under the motto “Everything Else”: It has also been exhibited in filMO 2011: Re-make/Re-model, Festival de Cine de Bolsillo.

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Video, Installation, Photography, Sound

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