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As an artist my conceptual interests began with the relationship between
the (self )-representation and photographic technology. Crossing the boundary
to the digital territory of photography and video, I inevitably started to
question the medium as an interface between realities and bodies. I realized
that each medium, furthermore the computational medium, transforms the
message, therefore the way we perceive it. My statement is that we’ve been
living surrounded by images/ representations and we’ve developed the
anxiety of being one of them, we want to cross our own physical boundaries
and exist on a two-dimensional surface: the screen. As (inter)actors we’re
submitting ourselves everyday to the digitalization experience, we’re being
in and out-puts without questioning the process in-between.

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Patrícia J. Reis was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1981. She Graduated in Visual Arts from the ESAD (Superior School of Art and Desing, Caldas da Rainha) Portugal, in 2004, and in 2011 presented her masters’ thesis in the Production and Creation in Technological Art Master program, at the Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal, with the title Inside out: Myself as Diana. Audiovisual participatory Installation. The feminine representation and its relation between public and private. She’s current a PhD candidate (practice based in Visual Arts) at University of Évora, Portugal, researching on the Media Art and Cultural Studies field, supervised by Professor Claudia Giannetti. She’s a fellow researcher from National Science Technology Foundation of Portugal.
As an artist and researcher, she explores the intimate (Cultural and Political) relations between the subject of vision and image (namely the body, the representation and the self-representation), through the digital apparatus, in photography and, more recently, in video and interactive installations. She has participated in several international exhibitions of prominent: “90–10 Exposição 20 anos Artes Plásticas ESAD.CR”, Lisbon, Portugal (2011); “In the studio” Solo exhibition at Valise studio, Lisbon, Portugal (2010); “BAC” in the Barcelona Culural Center, Barcelona, Spain (2009); “Por la ventana afuera…”, in Las Palmas, Spain (2008); “MEGHívÓ”, Budapest Galeria, Budapest, Hungary.
Since 2006,
she lectures Photography, Video and Digital Arts at the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal.

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Video, Installation, Photography, Sound, Documentary

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